Welcome to the world of Ghuri…
Welcome our Kite Runner.

Ghuri is another name of fresh and earthy memories, like I call it ‘Revisiting Childhood’. I am Debjani, a textile designer from Kolkata and because of my background in Science I love experimenting… with weaves, textiles, colours, ornamentations, embellishments etc. My Masters degree in Zoology, then M. Phil and B.Ed has helped me a lot in people management, psychological study and perseverance.

I have a teaching career of about 7 years and had been an examiner with ISC council too. In 2011, I took a decision to quit my job and venture out my long lost passions of thumri, guitar and experimenting with textile jewellery. When my daughter started her schooling, I convinced Ghuri, who was born in 2017, out if my desire to fly my dreams up in open sky.

The brand logo of Kite is my own artistic creation, and an ode to Khalid Hosseini’s Kite Runner. At Ghuri we fly our imaginations free, through the forest, along the river, between the memory lanes. We have our own set of weavers and artisans at different parts of West Bengal and Kolkata proper, who deal with specific design requirements. Our team strength at present is 35.

Come and explore the world of Malgudi Days, Jungle Book, Alice, Feluda, Goopi Bagha and Tintin through textiles.

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